Since the COVID-19 crisis, the development and implementation of hygiene concepts has been of central importance for all companies worldwide when it comes to protecting employees and guests and safeguarding work and production processes.

    CAPULUS Medical Services has set itself the task of developing specialized hygiene concepts that are individually tailored to the needs of the customer. We are primarily aimed at companies and event organizers who have to deal with a large number of employees or guests. This can e.g. be a company from the manufacturing industry with shift operation, a major event of any kind or the handling of a cruise or airport terminal.

    Our multi-level hygiene concepts are particularly suitable for accreditation, entry, exit and check-in scenarios.

    Range of application for hygiene concept

    –        Cruise and airport terminals
    –        Production facilities with shift operation (> 1,000 employees)
    –        Major events e.g. General meetings, conferences
    –        Sports or concert events with a large number of visitors
    –        Fairs

    Service areas for hygiene concepts

    Advice, conception and implementation of holistic hygiene concepts with multi-level safety zones or different scenarios.

    Planning and implementation of stationary buildings with:

    –        Routing systems (indoor and outdoor areas)
    –        Protected security control and accreditation areas
    –        Emergency quarantine areas
    –        Signs for compliance with the distance rule and protective measures

    Security zones

    1. Hygiene protection zone of the organizer (e.g. terminal, sports facility, event area)

    Begins with entering the organizer’s “official hygiene protection zone” (property or event area for enforcement by means of house rules) with the simultaneous request to wear a legally prescribed mouth and nose protection and to follow the signposted route. Mouth and nose protection is essential, as the minimum distance of 1.5 m in this area is difficult to maintain and control.

    2. Hand disinfection hygiene zone

    The guests disinfect their hands in the hand disinfection hygiene zone using the hand disinfection columns. In the column there is only hand disinfectant virucidal PLUS according to the WHO recipe. The pillars are weather-resistant, can be set up freely and work without an external power source and are operated by a foot pump, so that any contact with the devices is avoided.

    3. Personal and possibly luggage control

    Qualified staff in protective clothing checking the people`s luggage or bags. In addition, the body temperature is measured using an infrared thermometer. In the case of increased temperature or for people with recognizable symptoms, access should generally be denied.

    4. Registration or accreditation area

    In a fully equipped registration check-in or accreditation area with a separate sterile quarantine area for emergencies, as well as a separate employee area, guests can register or check-in at the respective counter with hygienic protective barriers to contain infections.

    5. Hygiene care-bag distribution

    Particularly with tourism providers when they organize e.g. cruises, we recommend that after check-in guests receive a care-bag with a hand and surface disinfectant spray, mouth and nose protection, and disinfectant wipes.

    The measures listed in the zones are only exemplary and represent only an extract in the respective areas.