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100 ml hand spray – our disinfectant for more safety

New in our hand disinfectant range – our Bioantiseptica hand disinfectant viruzid PLUS 100 ml hand spray for everyday life.

Developed for the security of employees in companies. Handy to take with you in one 50 ml spray bottle, perfect for business trips. From 500 pieces also as a white label throughout Europe available.

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Infrared clinical thermometer with high quality German sensor

CAPULUS Medical Services has now also added digital clinical thermometers with German sensor technology to its range of course DIN ISO 13485 – CE Notified Body N. 0123 – IP22 certified.

Thanks to the high-quality temperature sensor, the body temperature can be measured via the forehead and the ear within one second. The LCD lighting immediately shows increased temperature with yellow color or fever alarm with red backlighting.

The easy handling and the precise measurement make it a popular and safe aid especially in dealing with and for the prevention of COVID-19 patients.

Surgical gowns

CAPULUS Medical Services now offers a variety of sterile and non-sterile surgical gowns in various gram strengths with PP and SMS material that meet the performance requirements of EN13795, AAMI Level 3.

Disinfectant virucidal PLUS

Since May we have been selling hand disinfectants Bioantiseptica (made in Germany) limited virucidal PLUS according to the WHO recipe, ISO 13485 certified and tested 99,9% effectiveness against bacteria including MRSA, TB bacteria, numerous viruses (limited virucidal PLUS), enveloped viruses such as SARS, CORONA, influenza, HBV, HCV and HIV as well as non-enveloped viruses such as rota viruses, adeno viruses, noro viruses.

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Commercial sales of certified
KN95(like FFP2) and KN99(like FFP3) respirators health masks

– Respirators for companies
– Respirators for consumers
– Surgical face masks Type I and II R

Retail sales certified according to ISO 13485
of hand disinfectant virucidal PLUS (made in Germany) with
according to EG-VO 1907/2006 (REARCH) and EU-VO 4527/2010

– 200ml Bioantiseptica disinfectant virucidal PLUS
– 500ml Bioantiseptica disinfectant virucidal PLUS
– 1,000ml Bioantiseptica disinfectant virucidal PLUS
– 1,000ml Bioantiseptica disinfectant virucidal PLUS
– 5,000ml bioantiseptic disinfectant virucidal PLUS
– 10,000ml Bioantiseptica disinfectant virucidal PLUS